craft brew crisis

3 Potential Crises Every Brewer May Face

If you’re a brewer there’s two things you know for sure:

  • Good beer is delicious
  • It can be damn difficult to make

Sure, you may have mastered the process as much as possible, but when it comes down to it there’s bound to be a crisis eventually. Here’s three you might come across:

  1. Microbial Contamination

This one’s a major hassle. Unless you’re a fan of Brett sours, you probably want nothing to do with bacteria in your beer. As such, you’re probably obsessed with sterilization and cleanliness. Even so, microbial contamination is an unfortunate reality most brewers will face. All it takes are a few sneak microbes to sneak through the cleaning process to render your brew undrinkable.

  1. Supply Chain Interruption

You control the brewing, but if you’re like most craft breweries, you rely on other suppliers for your hops, grains and yeast. Establishing lasting partnerships with stable suppliers is a good way to ensure your needs are consistently met. Of course, interruptions do happen. If a crop fails or a delivery is missed, it can seriously hamper your ability to brew (and your customers’ ability to drink!)

  1. Product Recall

The nightmare of any company, a product recall is especially devastating to craft brewers. You’ve not only brewed the beer, you’ve packaged, shipped and marketed it (incurring expenses along the way.) In terms of crises, this one may be the most costly for brewers. Whether it was a problem with the cans or simply a botched batch that made it through, a product recall is a major blow to craft breweries.


Brewing good beer is a bit like being a chemist – except about 100x as cool. But, like any science experiment, things do go wrong. The good news is, you can be prepared for when the worst happens. Proper coverage will protect you against the financial loss a crises can cause.

If you’re interested in protecting against the worst, don’t hesitate – contact us today!