Sustainability in Brewing

Upslope Brewery Protects Their Craft –

While Protecting the Earth

Craft beer is a vibrant up-and-coming industry with positive impacts for entrepreneurs, local economies and discerning drinkers alike. However, like any business oriented around production, waste is an inevitable consequence.

We’re all about advocating for protecting craft beer. But this extends beyond industry accidents, or production problems – it goes right to finding unique solutions to preserving our planet by reducing waste. And this is something Upslope Brewery has successfully accomplished.

By partnering with Boom Algae and Living Ink Technologies, Uplsope Brewery is no longer producing waste in their brewing process. Instead, they are generating essential ingredients to produce eco-friendly bio ink from algae.

“Since we first spoke, Boom Algae has continued to push through technical and logistical challenges and has emerged with the reality of a fully functioning reactor, developed and iterated entirely from conceptual models,” says Upslope’s founder, Matt Cutter in an interview with Brewbound. “For years to come, we look forward to diverting byproducts of our fermentation process to help the Boom Algae folks produce a sustainable raw material for Living Ink!”

Upslope’s waste carbon dioxide, spent grain, and canning rinse water will now go to producing algae for Boom Algae who, in partner with Living Ink, will create something entirely new and useful, without further impacting the planet (and in fact benefitting it by providing an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based ink.)

Craft breweries are already producing something we love and use – craft beer. But Uplsope is at the cutting edge of a new way of thinking, which is finding innovative ways to reduce waste and turn what have previously been useless leftovers into something valuable.

It doesn’t always have to be algae-based, though. As more and more breweries adopt the mentality of protecting their craft through sustainable beer production, new and innovative ways to recycle brewery waste will be introduced.