When it comes to protecting your craft, you need to think beyond just the final product.

This is precisely the mindset of Gravenhurst-based brewery, Sawdust City, who have undertaken a unique system to treat their onsite waste water with.

This treatment, called a BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM by Econse, will greatly reduce the environmental impact of Sawdust City, by treating water at their brewery without the use of chemicals. Because Gravenhurst is surrounded by over 80 lakes and dozens more waterways, undertaking this element of environmental protection is essential to long term sustainability.

“All of us who live in Muskoka know that our water is a precious resource,” Rob Engman, President of Sawdust City Brewing Company, says in an Econse press release. “Sustainability in all of our operations is a top priority. Wastewater management is the most crucial issue facing the craft brewing industry in Ontario. We are proud that our company is taking a leadership position through our partnership with The BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM by Econse.”

Beyond the obvious positives for the environment, Sawdust City is also doing a service for their district. By easing the burden on Muskoka’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, they are saving the district money and resources to treat the water used by the brewery.

Protecting your craft is about protecting the resources that supply it. Without water, there would be no beer, and Sawdust City is showing that through savvy partnerships, enhanced sustainability is possible for breweries – all while remaining cost-effective.

“My suggestion to others considering wastewater treatment is to start planning now, consult other breweries on their plans and consider your brewery’s goals,” Engman adds.

Because of the resources used, breweries will always face unique challenges and require special protection. Beyond sustainability, it’s essential to protect your craft against the myriad of other dangers brewing faces.

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