Excise Bonds ensure that a brewery pays excise duties and conforms to the regulations as set out by the Excise Act. When products, such as craft beer, are made in Canada, the excise tax is payable once the products have been delivered to the buyer. When the products are imported, the excise tax is payable by the importer.

We understand that the concept of Excise Bonds and the process of obtaining them can be confusing. This is why McLean Hallmark is here to make the process as simple as possible. With an in-house team specializing in these bonds, we can help you obtain the bonds you need and answer any questions you may have.


Bond applications can be done online.
Bonds don’t require collateral.
If you have a bond supported through a bank it can
be replaced with one issued by a company.
Contract production also requires bonding.
You can apply for a bonded warehouse
to  store your product off-site.
McLean Hallmark partners with experts
in customs and excise regulations.